Trauma Recovery

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

For some time, modern trauma therapy has been referring to the eastern psychological sciences such as Yoga and Buddhism integrating concepts and practices to develop self-awareness and create self-empowerment. Practices that develop mindfulness, observation, and detachment of the conditions on the mind focusing on positive resilience factors have been changing the therapy world.

With the adoption of neuroscience and poly-vagal theory into mainstream therapy, Yoga is seen as an important tool assisting in the healing journey.

As a yogini, yoga teacher and therapist for many years, I have long since been aware of the power of yoga to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional effects of trauma and abuse. I have witnessed many clients arriving on a yoga mat without an awareness of the connection between the pain in the body and the suffering in their mind, but with a trauma-sensitive holistic approach through the body, mind, breath, and spirit we can bring back a sense of wholeness, empowerment, and hope.